WCG/CBS Budget Model

Modelling expenditures for state college assistance programs

Challenge: The Washington College Grant (WCG) provides need-based financial aid to income-eligible resident students pursuing education beyond high school. Together with the College Bound Scholarship (CBS), the state of Washington budgets over $470 million each year for state-based college assistance programs. Planning for economic shifts, forecasted student enrollments and changing college costs is vital to ensure these programs are funded and available for future students.

Opportunity: The Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC) contracts with Urbanova to maintain and update a WCG/CBS Cost Expenditure model. The budget model is utilized by agency, executive and legislative policy staff to develop future budget projections and test potential impacts of new policy proposals. The model integrates data from a number of sources to estimate students served and total costs over a six-year period.

Partner: Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC) –https://https://wsac.wa.gov/

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