U-Trak Mobile App

Promoting Risk Reduction among Adults with Asthma during Wildfire Smoke Events

Challenge: Wildfire smoke events are becoming more frequent and severe and starting earlier in the season. Common symptoms that we all may experience – coughing, shortness of breath, and chest pain – can be especially damaging or even deadly to persons with conditions such as chronic asthma. These individuals can benefit from personalized tools that provide current data on air quality risks in their specific location. 

Opportunity: Urbanova worked with researchers at the WSU College of Nursing to create and test U-Trak, a mobile app designed as a research tool to help young adults with asthma manage health risks and activity during wildfire smoke events. U-Trak integrates with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Smoke Sense app to provide crowd-sourced information on hazardous smoke events. The U-Trak app also connects to a portable spirometer so users can view and track their lung function, and for researchers to investigate how activity levels and local air quality impact personal asthma symptoms. 

Partner: Washington State University College of Nursing – https://nursing.wsu.edu

Reference: Spokane Journal of Business – App to Monitor Wildfire’s Effects on Health.

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