Measuring Neighborhood Impact

Listening to Residents' Voices to Build a More Equitable City

Urbanova and Gallup have partnered to develop an authentically people-centered approach to giving communities and their stakeholders the data, engagement and insights they need to improve the social, economic and environmental equity and resilience of their neighborhoods.

Our tailored approach begins with a thorough assessment of the conditions in the neighborhood, including surveys to better understand the lived experience expressed by the residents. Our aim is to establish a clear problem statement in plain language before identifying the role of technology and data to develop solutions. Once a problem is clearly understood and verified with residents, components of potential measures that could alleviate pain points are recruited from the existing ecosystem of service providers. A customized approach is applied, results are measured and next steps are identified based on an adaptive learning model in partnership with residents. Strategies are created with an in-depth understanding of a city’s problems according to its own residents, businesses, and visitors and are continuously evaluated for results customized to its various neighborhoods.

Partner: Gallup –

Reference: Gallup Blog – Listening to Residents’ Voices to Build More Equitable Cities.

Project Overview