Health Equity in Spokane’s Neighborhoods of Focus

Examining racial and geographical disparities related to social determinants of health and health outcomes

Challenge: As the COVID pandemic made clear, efforts to improve health do not start, or stop, in a hospital or doctor’s office. Social determinants include a broad range of factors that can help or hinder pursuit of health and wellness, including income, educational level, employment, access of health care, safe housing, healthy foods and more. Unfortunately, data that demonstrate the racial and ethnic disparities in health outcomes are often summarized at the county or state level, making it difficult to plan and execute local-level activities.

Opportunity: Urbanova worked with AHANA (Asian, Hispanic, African, Native American) Multi-Ethnic Business Association to complete an in-depth report and interactive dashboard related to the striking disparities in health experienced by black, indigenous, and persons of color (BIPOC) communities in Spokane. This work utilizes national and state datasets at the census tract level with the goal of of helping communities remove barriers and create healthy neighborhoods for all.

Partner: AHANA –

Reference: View the Health Equity Dashboard.

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