Spokane Connected Communities

Utilizing energy efficiency programs and distributed energy resources to build a sustainable energy future

Challenge: New distributed energy technologies (such as solar photovoltaics and battery storage) allow commercial and residential buildings to interact with the modern electrical grid. In ‘connected communities’, utilities can coordinate assets to save energy, reduce costs and carbon emissions, improve grid reliability, and increase use of clean energy sources. As these new technologies emerge and are more widely adopted, it is important to ensure that the benefits and expectations for the clean energy transition are shared equitably across neighborhoods.

Opportunity: Under the direction of Edo Energy, Urbanova joined with multiple partners to participate in a five-year Department of Energy-funded project to test new grid modernization technologies in central Spokane. Urbanova will survey over 2,000 residences and 500 small/medium businesses to learn about customer experiences and perspectives on energy efficiency and building technologies. Urbanova will also assist with the recruiting and engaging up to 125 customers for testing energy solution packages.

Partners: Edo Energy–www.edoenergy.com, Avistawww.avistautilities.com, Pacific Northwest National Laboratories-www.pnnl.gov, McKinstry-www.mckinstry.com

Reference: Press Release

Project Overview