Climate Together Mobile App

Democratizing Climate Change Adaptation and Action

Challenge: The escalation of extreme weather events each passing year reminds us of the urgency for finding effective solutions to adapt to our changing climate. The most impactful and enduring approaches will be those that are widely adopted and accepted across populations. Grassroots innovations, however, often require communications platforms for ideas to take hold and spread across communities.

Opportunity: Urbanova is working alongside Washington State University professors to launch the ClimTo mobile app. ClimTo is envisioned as a ‘citizen science’ app to crowdsource climate adaptation solutions and spread reliable information from trustworthy sources on climate change-related information. The app will also serve as a tool for climate researchers to connect to community members and examine the effects of climate adaptation strategies.

Next Steps: A functional prototype of ClimTo was completed by Sonoma Technology, Incorporated in April 2023. The prototype will undergo user group testing with suggested revisions leading to development of a beta application.

Partner: Washington State University College of Arts and Sciences, Human Sociology Laboratory –

Reference: ClimTo homepage:

Project Overview