Urbanova is genuinely committed to a people-centric approach to finding new ways to make communities better. Partners include not only research experts and municipal service providers, but also global leaders in fields such as behavior science, behavioral health, the industrial internet of things, global broadband connectivity, and smart/healthy buildings. The contained footprint of the University District provides an ideal proving ground for prototyping applications, solutions, and business models in a faster and more cost-effective way. This is further underscored by Urbanova’s shared governance model – enabling its partners to have a much higher impact than if they were working alone – and an open technology platform that encourages innovation and collaboration among researchers, citizens, and entrepreneurs. By focusing on the unique strengths and challenges of midsize cities, Urbanova can move more nimbly to develop and prove solutions that work. The model is capital-efficient: Learn fast and adapt. And Urbanova’s location in the heart of Spokane’s health sciences education and research center, adjacent to the largest healthcare hub between Seattle and Minneapolis, provides unique research opportunities including a focus on native, rural, and underserved populations.