Where is Urbanova?

Urbanova is located in Spokane, Washington’s University District. A midsize city with a population of more than 220,000, Spokane is the cultural, economic, educational, and social hub of the Intermountain Northwest. Adjacent to its vibrant downtown is the University District, which encompasses 770 acres of academic and mixed-use buildings, [...]

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What sets Urbanova apart?

Urbanova is genuinely committed to a people-centric approach to finding new ways to make communities better. Partners include not only research experts and municipal service providers, but also global leaders in fields such as behavior science, behavioral health, the industrial internet of things, global broadband connectivity, and smart/healthy buildings. The [...]

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What exactly is a smart city – and what does it do?

A smart city uses data to develop tailored strategies that enhance livability, workability, and sustainability – empowering citizens with the resources necessary to transform and improve their communities. Why? Because cities are growing. Combined with challenges like aging infrastructures, shrinking budgets, and the need to better manage vital resources, citizens [...]

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