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Avista Launches Robust Transportation Electrification Programs

The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission recently approved programs outlined in Avista’s Transportation Electrification Plan (TE Plan), building off the learnings from the pilot programs started in 2016. The comprehensive TE Plan includes a regional buildout for public, workplace and fleet charging infrastructure, incorporating charging equipment incentives with specific attention to load management and grid optimization. Low-income and underserved community programs are a top priority as is support for its Washington business customers’ goals around fleet electrification, supported by consulting services, commercial EV rates and electric forklift incentives.

These services and programs are now underway and available for Washington electric customers. As Avista continues to plan and adapt for the future, these programs support beneficial growth in electric transportation for both residential and business customers, resulting in lower transportation costs, significant environmental benefits, and the opportunity to optimize electric load growth with the grid in a way that can help keep electricity rates affordable for all customers over the long-term.

“Avista’s electric transportation offerings represent a positive outcome for our customers and the company,” said Rendall Farley, electric transportation manager at Avista. “For example, you can drive a passenger EV fueled by Avista’s clean electricity for less than $1 per gallon equivalent with zero tailpipe emissions, reducing total CO2 emissions by 80%, and providing the utility with beneficial off-peak load that can help keep electricity rates affordable for everyone in the long run.”

More information about the various programs, online tools such as vehicle make and model savings calculator or to find applications for participation are available at