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Spokane’s All-America City Finalist Award Highlights Urbanova

Since 1949, the National Civic League has been elevating cities across the country who demonstrate the best in American civic innovation, civic engagement, and cross-sector collaboration, with the prestigious All-America City Award. Recently, Spokane was recognized as one of the 20 finalist cities to become an All-America City for the fourth time. This year’s theme was focused on “Building Equitable and Resilient Communities” and encouraged communities to highlight initiatives and partnerships focused on tackling critical challenges.

Selected as one of three community-driven projects, Urbanova supported Spokane’s award application by highlighting its sustained commitment to building multi-sector collaborations focused on solving systemic urban challenges. Founded in 2016, Urbanova has led and supported transformative efforts focused on tackling air quality, creating safer neighborhoods, and fostering more inclusive economic opportunity. Since its founding, Urbanova has convened teams, participated in proposals, and helped generate nearly $5 million in tangible civic capital collaboratively targeted toward improving the health, safety and resilience of Spokane. In addition to Urbanova, the application also highlighted the work of Priority Spokane and the Spokane Gives Initiative as a testament to Spokane’s long-standing commitment to mobilizing volunteers to improve resilience and outcomes for citizens.

As the largest city in the Intermountain Northwest, Spokane continues to showcase how a midsize city can build a more resilient community through thoughtful civic engagement. While Spokane was not ultimately selected this year, we believe Spokane lives the values of All-America City every year! Its competitive application proves the city continues to emerge as a national model for midsize cities mobilizing to equitably solve vexing challenges. As an urban innovation partnership founded in Spokane and focused on driving equitable solutions for midsize cities, Urbanova is well-positioned to help other midsize cities do the hard work of reimagining how cities can leverage multi-sector partnerships to build a more resilient, equitable future.


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